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  • This course will explore how moral theologians go about the work of critical reflection and moral decision-making. Student will review the basic sources and concepts of fundamental moral theology and then use them and other pertinent sources to consider and develop positions on contemporary moral issues.

  • This course orients students to the various aspects of theological studies and the way theology functions in a faith community. Key issues such as faith, revelation, scripture, tradition, human experience, and worship are explored with an eye to how they are integrated into the entire displine of theology. The course aims at helping students develop a framework in which to understand how one engages in critical theological reflection in light of human experience in general and pastoral/ministerial life in particular.

    Self enrolment: C215 Orientation to Theological Studies (Spring 2014)
  • An introduction to the history and literature of the Christian movement iin the first and second enturies with particular attention to the New testament in regards to literary components, composition facets, theological themes, and interpretive principles.

    Self enrolment: A203 Intro. to Christian Scriptures (Spring 2014)

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