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An inter-faith book sharing project

An introduction to the concepts and categories in the study of Moral theology as well as Catholic Social teachings.

An historical, anthropological and theological investigation of Christian worship and sacrament with special attention to the Roman Catholic Sacraments of baptism and eucharist; historical overview of liturgical practices, texts, and theology from Jewish and scriptural origins to the 20th century Vatican II reforms; basic principles of liturgical and sacramental theology; and groundwork for interpreting liturgical documents and ritual texts from pastoral practice, multi-/inter-cultural concerns, and ecumenical considerations.

A general introduction to the social history, content, and theological themes of the Hebrew Scriptures along with a basic orientation to methods of biblical study.

An historical and theological overview of the Christian understanding of church and ministry, with the Second Vatican Council as a primary point of reference. Topics include the foundations of ministry in the New Testament, the manifold expressions of ministry in the history of the Church, development of ecclesial structures, the papacy, the magisterium, the church as local and universal, the priesthood of the faithful, the origin and function and evolution of ordained and lay ministries, and ecumenical dialogue. Also important will be the exploration of a variety of contemporary issues related to the theology and practice of church and ministry from a Roman Catholic perspective.

This course provides a broad introduction to the ways in which people appropriate the mystery of faith, the process entailed in that appropriation, an overview of the history of that process, and the types of experiences which have emerged in that history. The students will achieve a reflective understanding of their own practice, develop it more consciously and be enabled to appreciate and assist others in this area of ministry.

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