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An inter-faith book sharing project

Introduction to lectionary-based preaching in eucharistic and other liturgical settings, considering the tools and resources for homily preparation, the meaning of the liturgical calendar, and the nature of the Liturgy of the Word. A preaching practicum is included.

In every age the Church is called to spread the Gospel message. This course explores the contemporary culture of new technologies and social media networks and their implications for missionary discipleship.  It examines key themes from recent Church teachings on evangelization and encounter, in particular those of Vatican II, Bl. Pope Paul VI, St. John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.  It provides practical methods and insights into the question: How can we increase the effectiveness of our work in spreading the Good News by using the tools of the 21st century social communication?

The course explores the term "spirituality" and looks at various spiritualities within the Catholic tradition.  They will include the spirituality of St. Ignatius, Thomas Merton, the mystics, and those considered to be Twentieth-Century Apostles.  This course is offered in the hybrid format. Students will meet with the professor face-to-face three times in the course of the semester; the rest of the work will be done online using Moodle.

An introduction to the history and literature of the Christian movement iin the first and second enturies with particular attention to the New testament in regards to literary components, composition facets, theological themes, and interpretive principles.

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